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  • Refresh Travel Pack

    Refresh Travel Pack

    Medium grade, natural bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles and wheat fibre comb packed in a handy travel pouch with drawstring closure. This pack offers a great combination of sustainability, functionality and convenience making it an excellent choice...

  • Bamboo Toothbrush || 2-LL0335

    Bamboo Toothbrush || 2-LL0335

    Medium grade natural bamboo toothbrush with nylon bristles that is durable and effective for cleaning teeth. Bamboo is a strong and renewable material that grows quickly, making it an excellent choice for a toothbrush. Eco Credentials: Renewable,...

  • Personal Protection Screen

    Personal Protection Screen

    Self standing, quick to assemble personal protection screen to help maintain social distancing. Made locally from 6mm clear acrylic. Easy to keep sanitised and clean. These free standing guards, can be easily placed on a desk between yourself, staff or...

  • Stamina Resistance Bands

    Stamina Resistance Bands

    Three levels of strength resistance bands. This set includes 3 bands, a carry bag and exercise guide. Thickness - Green: 0.35mm, Blue: 0.50mm, Yellow: 0.70mm. Great for general fitness, physical therapy and strengthening muscles. Light, medium and heavy...

  • NATURA Pedicure Tool

    NATURA Pedicure Tool

    Versatile 4-in-1 pedicure tool with a natural bamboo handle. The tool includes a foot brush, a pumice stone, a file and a callous remover to provide excellent foot care. The tool has a rope handle to hang in the shower and is presented in natural...

  • Spa Bath Salt Set

    Spa Bath Salt Set

    Set of four 30g tubes of relaxing bath salts in a kraft box with a window. The scents of each tube are pink/rose, blue/tea tree, purple/lavender and green/peppermint. Ingredients and information is printed on the back of the box.

  • Vinyl Manicure Set

    Vinyl Manicure Set

    Translucent vinyl manicure set which includes scissors, nail clippers, a cuticle pusher, a nail file and a set of tweezers. Branding is on the vinyl pouch which has a snap closure and a chain for hanging or attaching the set as needed.

  • Garment Bag

    Garment Bag

    Keep suits and clothing crease-free in this lightweight garment bag which is manufactured from 80gsm non-woven polypropylene. The bag features a full-length zip closure and woven handles at either end so it can be carried like a briefcase. An opening at...

  • Bamboo Nail File

    Bamboo Nail File

    Handy Bamboo Nail File with black emery board which provides a coarse filing surface. Bamboo is a natural material and because the plant is fast growing, it places less demands on natural resources and produces a material that is durable and versatile...

  • Madison Scented Candle

    Madison Scented Candle

    Soothing 110g vanilla scented candle which is presented in a glass mason jar with a screw on lid. It has an instructions and warnings label on one side with plenty of room for branding on the other.

  • Citronella Candle

    Citronella Candle

    Compact citronella candle in a metal tin with a screw-on lid. Citronella is a natural insect repellent and this candle is perfect to keep the bugs at bay while camping or in the garden. The instructions and warnings are printed on the base of the tin.

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