Tech Accessories

  • Lager Bottle Opener Phone Stand

    Lager Bottle Opener Phone Stand

    Innovative, combination phone stand and bottle opener that attaches to the back of your phone with strong adhesive tape. Enjoy hands free viewing while enjoying a refreshing drink, simply detach the bottle opener with a simple twist action, pop open...

  • Rascal Bamboo Tablet & Phone Stand

    Rascal Bamboo Tablet & Phone Stand

    Lightweight, phone stand made from natural bamboo. Will display a smartphone or tablet horizontally or vertically. Frees up your hands whilst watching videos, browsing the web, video chatting or viewing photos. Eco Credentials: Renewable, sustainable,...

  • Pop Phone Stand

    Pop Phone Stand

    Stand up your phone in style with our pop it mobile phone holder. Incorporated stress relieving pop button feature. Features a loop for connecting to a keyring.

  • Apollo Bamboo Phone Stand

    Apollo Bamboo Phone Stand

    Compact phone stand made from natural bamboo with charging docking station. Supplied flat, with easy DIY assembly it can vertically or horizontally hold any phone. Use at the the home, office or as a phone nightstand. Eco Credentials: Renewable,...

  • Vectra Phone Stand

    Vectra Phone Stand

    Adjustable, sturdy phone stand suitable for use with all phones in any working environment. Leveraging magsafe technology you can place your Iphone 12 + 13 on the charging stand for a secure connection. The grey non-slip pad on the holder part of the...

  • Starz LED Selfie Light

    Starz LED Selfie Light

    Compact, clip on ultra white LED phone light to enhance lighting conditions for selfies. There are 3 selectable brightness settings plus on/off. The light has a rechargeable lithium battery. Packed in a white gift box. Supplied with a micro USB charging...

  • Shield Data Blocker

    Shield Data Blocker

    Keep your data safe with this USB data blocking device. Data blocker allows charging while blocking the data pins. Great for desktop & laptop computers or public charging stations and facilities. This minimises opportunities to steal your data or install...

  • Halo Phone Grip & Stand

    Halo Phone Grip & Stand

    360 degree rotation phone stand and holder where your finger can slide through to hold onto your phone. 3M tape on back. Halo phone grip can be packed in cello bag with backing card at extra cost.

  • Rush Car Vent Phone Holder

    Rush Car Vent Phone Holder

    Spring loaded car vent mobile phone holder. Attaches to air vent in your car to securely hold and mount your smartphone. Perfect for when you need to take calls, stream music and use your smartphone as a GPS. Ultra light weight means you can take...

  • Phone Grip

    Phone Grip

    Cool expanding phone grip attaches easily to the back of your phone or case. Expand up when you need a grip, a media stand, a cord holder or just something to play with. Collapses flat. Strong adhesive holds your phone with comfortable grip makes using...

  • Creator Selfie Stick Tripod

    Creator Selfie Stick Tripod

    Versatile selfie stick and tripod that can rotate 360 degrees and serves as an all-in-one solution for photography needs. It has a compact design but can extend up to 150cm in height, making it perfect for capturing those hard-to-reach shots. The...

  • NATURA Bamboo Lap Desk

    NATURA Bamboo Lap Desk

    This functional lap desk is made from natural bamboo and is both comfortable and convenient to use. It can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches or can be used for a compatible tablet with keyboard. The desk has a soft cushioned polyester base and a...

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